Virtual MCS

Boundless learning for an out-of-bounds school

Welcome to the Virtual MCS site. Here you can access online remote learning, information and help.

Use the button above to register each day through the Pupil Portal (Firefly) registration page.

Use the buttons below to access relevant information and launch a variety of remote learning systems.

Install Office 365

Get Teams, Word, Excel and more for free

Classes will be organised using Microsoft Teams. You can use it either in a web browser or by installing and running the desktop version on your home PC, laptop or tablet.

Log in to with your MCS username and password to launch web versions of Office apps or download and install desktop versions (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android.) You can install on up to 5 devices per platform.


Hundreds of Lessons Taught Remotely

Every day MCS pupils are being taught the same subjects and the same topics as if they were following the curriculum in the school classroom.

Pupils register each morning through the Pupil Portal and receive and submit work for their lessons. Teachers are providing online learning for all academic subjects using a variety of techniques. In addition, many co-curricular activities are continuing through online technology. 


Keep active!

The MCS Sports department have tweeted an inspiring set of exercise ideas.

Try to get some exercise and outdoor activity each day. Remember, however, to always follow government guidance on social distancing. 



Learning Remotely

Keep up to date with your work

Remember to register via the Pupil Portal each morning before you start work. You should be spending enough time each day to follow the lessons and complete the work set. If you are having difficulties with the work, contact your teacher directly through e-mail. Your tutor will also be able to provide advice on how to work effectively at home.

Lesson Schedule

Available through the Pupil Portal

You can find a schedule for all online lessons on the Pupil Portal here. This is updated daily, with any changes highlighted in yellow.

Online lessons are delivered through Microsoft Teams.